• Biowaste System Validation By Design.

    PRI Bio understands that validation of a biowaste treatment system should not be an afterthought – and we have made it a critical element to the design of our systems, from the beginning. Every biowaste treatment system offered by PRI Bio has one or more design features that allow routine validation to take place, giving you the confidence that your system is achieving the treatment level that you require.

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  • Continuous Flow
    Effluent Sterilization

    PRI Bio offers continuous effluent decontamination systems for many different applications where effluent profiles are consistent. Designed to support continuous manufacturing for pharmaceutical companies developing vaccines and biologics, to reduce risk and ensure waste is properly treated.

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  • The Smartest Choice
    in Carcass Treatment

    PRI Bio’s third generation Thermal Tissue Digester (TTD) is the smartest choice for carcass treatment, protecting your staff, the environment, and the general public from hazardous pathogens.  The TTD is the lowest total cost of ownership for carcass treatment.

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  • Experts in Biocontainment
    Sterilization Systems

    PRI Bio is the industry leader and expert in biowaste decontamination solutions, providing innovative equipment and proven technologies for Carcass Disposal and Effluent Sterilization to the world’s most prestigious BSL-2 through BSL-4 labs, research facilities, bio-pharma companies and more.

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Experts in biohazardous waste management and sterilization systems.

PRI Bio, an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, is the global leader in Tissue Digesters and Effluent Decontamination Systems servicing Veterinary Research and Diagnostic Labs; Zoonotic Research Facilities; Centers for Disease Control; and Pharmaceutical R&D and Manufacturing operations.

For more than 30 years, PRI has advanced the science in hazardous liquid and solid waste treatment, specializing in the design and manufacture of sterilization and digester equipment. PRI’s thermal products are currently used in over 35 countries worldwide, with over 3,000 units installed.

PRI Bio’s flexible and modular Digester and Effluent Decontamination System designs are specified for BSL-2 through BSL-4 facilities, including BSL-3 AG/Enhanced. PRI’s equipment can operate in batch or continuous flow modes, vertical or horizontal orientation, thru-the-floor or thru-the-wall configurations, with or without containment bioseals, and even with wet or dry discharge options.

PRI Bio offers facilities the largest array of design and configuration solutions for effluent and tissue waste treatment, ensuring the best result for our clients.

Industry Applications

  • Government Biodefense, Diagnostic, Agriculture Health
  • Pharmaceutical Research Labs, Production Facilities
  • Healthcare Hospitals, Forensic Labs
  • Universities Veterinarian Labs, Research Labs, National Bio Containment Labs, Regional Bio Containment Labs


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