Effective August 1, 2017, Progressive Recovery, Inc. (PRI), is pleased to announce a new Director of the BioPharm Division, Rich Orrell.

“This is an exciting opportunity as PRI offers some one-of-a-kind characteristics to the marketplace… for instance, 90% of the BSL4 labs in the USA have PRI’s technology” says Mr. Orrell.

Rich brings with him over 15 years of experience managing large sales teams for immunoassays, aseptic cGMP fill/finish equipment, and analytical laboratory instruments for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, industrial, food and beverage, chemical and agricultural manufacturing industries. Mr. Orrell’s experience will enable PRI to continue to expand existing product offerings, while driving growth into new markets and technologies.

“There is huge potential for growth for sterilizing waste streams especially in the exploding Biosimilar drug segment. We are becoming an established brand in this market, but have only scratched the surface of the need that’s out there” says Mr. Orrell.

PRI Bio (the bio division of Progressive Recovery, Inc.) will continue to develop innovative solutions to support pharmaceuticals and biologics development, advancements in animal health research, biodefense, academia, and veterinary diagnostic and forensics. With industry-leading flexible, highly customizable, modular effluent and tissue sterilization, PRI Bio offers a treatment system for virtually any application.

For any inquiries or questions regarding this announcement, or for more information about PRI Bio, please contact Alex Kinkade, Marketing Manager at (618) 286-5000.

About PRI and PRI Bio:

PRI Bio’s parent company Progressive Recovery, Inc. (PRI) is one of the world’s largest providers of closed loop solvent management and solvent wash systems, and a custom contract fabricator for a variety of industrial filtration and recycling skids. PRI was founded in 1983, and has maintained a strong reputation for quality and reliability, while gradually broadening its products and services. PRI is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, with over 3,000 systems in over 35 countries worldwide, and a large in-house North America support team of traveling service technicians and engineers, with additional support offices in Europe and Asia.

PRI Bio specializes in the design and manufacture of systems for the treatment of biologically hazardous liquid and solid waste for pilot and research facilities, pharmaceutical production, vivariums, veterinary diagnostic laboratories, universities, hospitals, biodefense facilities and more. PRI Bio manufactures Effluent Sterilization and Carcass Sterilization systems, to support ongoing medical advancements while offering a last line of defense for the general public and the environment.

PRI Bio continues to advance the science of pathogen liquid and solid waste treatment, to meet industry challenges including: greater flexibility, faster throughput, larger volumes, small batch volumes, lower costs, pH control, and more.