Sample Two-Stage pH Neutralization Layout

Below is a sample room layout for a large-scale system used for a pilot plant facility.  It shows dosing systems, neutralization skids, and large process waste collection.  This system was fully integrated to work in conjunction with a PRI Bio effluent sterilization system.  After waste is discharged from the biologic drug development process, it is collected, cooled and filtered, and neutralized prior to discharge.

ph neutralization room layout

Size Options:

ph neutralization size options

Technical Specifications:

Biosafety Classifications: BSL-1 through BSL-4
Hourly Capacity: from 2.2 L (0.5 G) to 45,000 L (11,888 G)
Power: 1ph/3ph to suit site requirements
Controls: NEMA 4 /4X with PLC, touchscreen HMI and emergency stop
Tank Materials: Heavy duty PE/PP/FRP or stainless alloy
Piping Materials: PVC / cPVC / PE /PP / FRP or stainless alloy