The Benefits of PRI’s Certification Process:

Keep your unit running smoothly with our annual certification service

PRI’s Annual Inspection and Annual Certification Service is highly recommended and is offered to help ensure that your system is functioning properly and operating within designed parameters.  The Annual Inspection and Certification includes the testing of specific system components such as valves and instrumentation, calibration of the instrumentation, and inspection of all utilities required to operate the system such as steam, water, and air.  System performance is monitored to aid in early diagnosis of potential problems.  A detailed Inspection Report is compiled and provided to the client and is used by PRI on subsequent Annual Inspection and Certification visits as a baseline for system performance and proper operation.  PRI’s Annual Inspection and Certification service give you peace of mind.

An overview of the benefits include:

  • Meet regulatory guidelines
  • Assure ongoing system reliability
  • Assess instrument calibration
  • Monitor and assess operational status
  • Evaluate component functionality


What’s Included in Our Annual Visit?

PRI Service Technicians will perform checks on the following components of your equipment, to ensure proper functionality and reliability.  For detailed information regarding these checks, please see our complete Annual Certification Guidelines documentation – contact us for details here.

  • Heating Source
  • Electrical Supply
  • Control Air Supply
  • Cooling Water Supply
  • Hydroxide Or Chemical Feed
  • Manual Valve Operation
  • Automated Valve Operation

  • Control Valve Operation
  • Temperature Transmitters
  • Digester Agitator Drive System
  • Hydraulic System
  • Pressure Vessel Top Lid
  • Flow Meters
  • Review Historical Process
  • Review Alarm Data

  • Level Transmitters
  • Pressure Transmitters
  • Pumps
  • Visual Inspection of System
  • Operational Testing
  • Run Complete Cycle
  • Submit Test Documentation

Services for Your Equipment: